Admitted to INSEAD
Ms. C N

Prior to starting applications last year, I was quite oblivious and distorted with many questions running through my head viz. how to go about, which schools to apply, which schools would suit my profile, how do I market myself appropriately, how much details to give, how do I manage within the word limit?

All I knew is that with a 660 GMAT, my application is gotta [sic] be substantial! But the question was ‘How’? I didn’t know from where to start. I knew I needed help! I got in touch with Gen-Ed based on some impressive testimonials I read on their site. At first impression, they seemed quite welcoming compared to other obstinate counselors.

My expectations from the counselor were simple –Good knowledge of B-school expectations, quality time, assistance with ideating and tremendous patience! I knew I was in the right hands the day I started working with Pankaj. He fulfilled all my expectations with 200% commitment and focus.

The most important part of the application is to come up with the RIGHT content for it. This is where Pankaj’s experience was outstanding. He patiently reasoned every point with me till I was convinced. He not only helped me think right but also ensured that I portrayed it with the appropriate justifications. His ability understand the essay expectations and guide your thought process accordingly is very commendable. At the end of it, I was able to build on application substantially well and was very convinced with the output!

Finally, it did pay off! I was admitted to 2 of the most coveted B-schools in the world – INSEAD and ISB.

After the extremely positive experience, I also took their services for scholarship applications. I was granted a scholarship of Eur 10,000 from INSEAD!

In totality, I highly recommend Gen-Ed as a very experienced MBA counselor with substance! They might be a little steep, but its [sic] totally worth every penny if you compare them to other relatively cheaper counselors who turn out to be mere editors!


I am really thankful to you for your guidance in achieving higher level of understanding and achieving a top class admit in a school like INSEAD.

Admitted to Kellogg Graduate School of Management

Thank You very much for all the insights and perspectives you have given me.


“General Education made the difference between winning and losing in the MBA admissions process! Vineet, the consultant assigned to me, scheduled a call to understand my profile and identify the themes that I should highlight in my application. He was a patient taskmaster, working with me to turn out three drafts for each essay until I had managed to present a compelling case for why I should be admitted into a top business school. While writing essays may not sound like rocket science, communicating your values, experiences, and interests in a few hundred words is one of the most challenging parts of the MBA application…but it’s also one of the parts over which you have the most control. Vineet’s experience in working with scores of successful applicants over many years really helped me avoid common mistakes and create a final product that highlighted my strengths and resonated with the admissions board.”

Admitted to Kellogg

Waitlisted at Harvard Business School

Worked with Rajit (HBS MBA graduate)

Thanks Rajit. Time to prepare for next stage

Admitted to Chicago Booth, NYU Stern & Virginia Darden

I would like to thank General Education for helping me with my application and interview with Chicago Booth. Discussions with Vineet Shekhar and Pankaj helped guide my thought process enabling me to come up with wonderful essays. Vineet was always available to answer any questions that I had. Vineet and Pankaj will not write the essays for you. Instead they would teach you how to think and would help you come up with a structured approach to answer the essay questions. Going through this process would not only help you in preparing a great application but also would make you better at structured thinking and problem solving.  I would highly recommend the services of General Education to any B School applicant.

Admitted to MIT Sloan

Hi Rajit,

I got an admit from MIT Sloan. It was only after talking to you that I had applied to Sloan. Also, you advices helped me in the whole application process. Thanks for all your help & for connecting me to Anand.

Admitted to IMD
Ashish Verma

I really appreciate the personal attention given to me at Gen-Ed, due to which I was able to improve my IMD application a lot and secure an admit too. I also took interview services for IMD where I got a lot of help in solving IMD case.


I tool IMD interview service from General Ed, I was mainly looking for guidance in case Interview for IMD as it was something new in terms of the interview. IMD Case Study also involves on site team-work and working in those dynamics – for which I received proper instructions from General Ed.

Gen Ed asked me to send across a 1-2 page write up then they came up with their analysis, we then together discussed the case in detail and follow it up with any likely questions, imperatives, etc. They then shared similar cases from their repository and the solution for the respective cases.

The approach and the content were best in class and helped me to present the IMD case in best manner. What I got from General Ed was content and confidence and those were the major reason for my selection for IMD.

Admitted to Michigan Ross
Mohit Sheera

Even before I had contacted Gen-Ed, I had read several bestseller books on US B-School admissions. This definitely gave me a good insight into writing essays. But it was only when I consulted Gen-Ed that I realized how much more there was than reading those books.

I heartily thank Gen-Ed, Pankaj in particular, for helping me bring the best out of me in my essays. I had this irritating habit of having a discussion with Pankaj and agreeing on an approach, but still approaching my essay in a different manner. It was to Pankaj’s patience and expertise that he kept bringing me back on track and ensured that I churned out curt and strong content. For my initial essay drafts, the word-count (and quality) of his comments way exceeded the word-count of my entire essay-content; post review the essays seemed to be sprayed with red (comments/suggestions from Pankaj) all over. Such diligence in guiding me was a crucial factor in making my application as strong as it was.

Gen-Eds interview resources require a special mention. Their comprehensive question bank is a MUST for the interview preparation. The mock interviews (especially the face-to-face) proved really decisive for me during my interview preparation.

I strongly recommend Gen-Ed to prospective MBA candidates. I know how hard it is to get through a top B-school, and I can assure you that Gen-Ed definitely knows how to make you get through.

Admitted to Yale School of Management
Deepanshu Malviya

I would like to thank you for your help and guidance, which proved crucial in securing the offer.

Admitted to Duke – Fuqua School of Business

“I earnestly thank General ED for acting as my mentor and guide during my B-school journey. Having interacted with almost all members of General ED for long time, I can objectively claim that each interaction continued to make difference to my overall outlook that transpired into my applications, essays, and interviews.

I wanted someone learned enough to challenge me to think deeper and take personalized approach for me. General ED has same kind of people who will guide you like a friend, mentor you based on their experiences, and literally become passionate in your dream of gaining a B-School admit. General ED’s useful tips and tricks helped me uncover my true self and portray a unique picture to stand out from crowded pack of Indian IT Male category and gain an admit to Duke. And truly, the learning is not just limited to my B-school application but will continue to help in my MBA and post-MBA life.

I would always be grateful to General ED for their assistance and would recommend the services to anyone whose aspire for MBA from top B-School.”

Admitted to Darden School of Business

Greetings. Hope you are doing well. I wanted to inform you a bit of good news that I received an admit from Darden. Thanks a lot for all your help during my application process.


Thanks a lot to you for all your help with the process. With your help I was not only able to identify what I want to do post MBA but also put my thoughts together in form of essays which helped me in securing admits from Darden, Emory and Kelly. I would definitely recommend General Education’s services to those applying for top B-Schools.


Thanks a lot for all your help during my application process. The overall process of brainstorming and then reviewing essays brought out the confidence that I have on my application. For my interview – the mock interviews and the questionnaire provided by General Education were a great help in utilizing the given time for presenting myself in best way.

Admitted to Emory University – Goizueta Business School
Ms. Duggal

“General-Ed was probably one the best investments I made in my MBA journey. Right from essay editing to interview preparations, the consultants’ feedback was thorough and insightful. I would especially like to thank Pankaj, who was instrumental in making my application compelling and whose thoroughness during the mock interview helped me prepare well for the D-Day. Thanks a lot for an amazing work done! Your commitment to your client’s success and satisfaction is what makes you truly outstanding.”

Apart from this I want to specially mention that I have secured 75% scholarship from Emory – Goizueta Business School and I could not have achieved that feat without the help of General Education.

Admitted to Rochester University – Simon School of Business
Dhruv Kulkarni

I was looking for someone who could evaluate my essays critically and who knew the nitty-gritties of the M.B.A. admissions process, especially in the U.S.. Considering the experience I had with my previous Consultancy, I was initially skeptical when I approached General-Education, but my doubts were immediately put to rest after a conversation I had with Anoop. Here was a team of professionals, who themselves were from the top-tier Business schools and who knew exactly how to evaluate the essays critically.

Vinit was assigned the task of helping me out with my admission essays and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. The level of feedback that he provided on my essays was something I would never have fathomed had I not joined these guys. He held many conversations with me in order to bring out experiences which were embedded inside me so that I put those in the essays, evaluated my essays from adcom perspective, provided feedback, made sure that the flow of the essays was continuous and helped me construct coherent essays. General Education helped me refine the essays to such an extent that I could myself make out the razor-sharp thoughts emanating from them.

General-Education overall had a lion’s share in my admission to the Simon Business School MBA program despite the fact that I did not have a GMAT score according to Indian standards.

Admitted to McCombs School of Business – Texas MBA
Vijay Tripathi

I am really pleased with the services of General-Ed and would recommend to anybody who is serious about the MBA applications. I used their services for my US MBA applications and ISB. I received 5 out of 7 interview calls based on my applications, thanks to the useful tips by General-ed staff. I have finally been admitted in one of the top 20 US schools. The three things that were really important for me and which I was really pleased with are: 1. Personal approach in helping out in identifying the life incidents and presenting them in the right way. 2. Useful tips in modifying the essays through multiple cycles of rework. 3. Useful interview preparation. The staff is very cordial and reachable. During the last days of my application deadlines, I called them up at odd hours but was met with a very positive response. They took pains to help me put to my best foot by reviewing the last minute changes and suggestions. The overall approach was really friendly and I am saying this after I had interacted with almost everyone of their board. They helped me in identifying the right schools, preparing the applications and then with my interviews.

Admitted to ISB
Deshbandhu Bansal

I have used General Education’s services three times during the process of applying to ISB and I am pleased to say that I was successfully admitted based on a strong appeal. This is one of the best essay editing services in India. I am really thankful to General Education for all the hard work that their staff put into helping me reach this very important goal in my life. The response time was very fast for any of my queries. I made a lot of last minute changes and wanted to confirm the changes for my second edit from them, just three days before the application deadline. I got the response within 24 hours and that too precise and extremely helpful.

I had my interview preparation also with them and a mock interview, which proved to be the deciding factor for my admission. I feel my communication has been much clearer through the process of your staff’s editing assistance and other tips for my overall application process. I feel fortunate to have found about your services and will absolutely recommend it to anyone applying to B-schools”.

Sumit Popli

I had very meaningful sessions with General Education about B-school interview questions and they could help me with tips and suggestions very relevant to my profile. The methodology enforced to develop the answers ensured that every point was well analyzed by logic and from interviewer’s perspective. And finally the mock interview, few days before actual interview, gave me all the confidence i needed to face the D-day. Yes i got the admit too. :-) Rating – Strongly Recommended !!!

Arunava Saha

I found both the essay editing and mock interview services of General Education very helpful. I was given very useful insights for my essays and could shape up my application profile in a holistic manner. After a couple of iterations of feedback I was pleased with my application package and received the interview call. I continued with Gen Ed’s mock interview service and largely benefited from the exhaustive preparation of interview answers and careful review of those. Finally the mock interview strengthened my nerves, and gave me a very accurate simulation of the actual interview; all of these helped me secure an admissions offer from ISB. I strongly recommend General Education to those applicants who are aspiring to be admitted into the best B schools of the world.

Admitted to Thunderbird School of Global Management
Sridhar Donepudi

I learnt about General Education from ISB yahoo group. I should say that I had taken the right step in selecting best essay-editing service. It is best because of the following reasons:

  1. Higly motivated team to get prospective applicants MBA admission
  2. I learnt more about myself in writing the essays with them.
  3. Constant energy with which they give feedback should be noted. They are most patient people I have ever interacted in my life.
  4. Interview preparation was outstanding, with mock ones, and then provided constant feedback on how to improve oneself.

I take this opportunity to specially thank Anoop from General Education for helping me secure a waitlist at Boston MBA application in last academic year with a meager GMAT score of 610. This year with Anoop’s guidance I secured an admit into a decent school, Thunderbird school of global management with the same GMAT score I am really grateful to Anoop on this regard

Advice: Those you are planning for MBA admission, I would definitely suggest to take the service from Anoop. He is exemplary as he was from ISB himself.

Admitted to University of Pittsburgh – Katz
Nimish Saraf

I would like to thank General Education team for helping me with my application and short listing of schools. It really appreciated the help General Education provided me with my essays and resume; they did come out really well. I would recommend the services of General-Ed to all my friends who are or will be applying to B-School’s in US or other parts of the world. Pankaj I would like to thank you specially for providing me with excellent guidance and help on my essays, not only from an essay point of view but also helping me to actually know myself better. I never felt that the relation we shared during the entire program was only a professional one but found a mentor in you. Thanks a lot again Anoop and Pankaj, finally I believe that my goal to pursue an MBA from the USA should materialize post the I-20 and visa formalities. I will stay in touch.

I also got admits from SUNY Buffalo and Virginia Tech.

Admitted to Queen’s School of Business
Anuj Mittal

Thanks to General Education for providing right direction to my application through multiple brainstorming sessions and useful modifications in my essays. I am really impressed by there personalized approach and easy accessibility. I would also like to highlight that the mock interview was very close to my actual one Queen’s School of Business and the feedback provided was very constructive and brought a real difference to my responses. I would be glad to recommend General Education to all the MBA aspirants looking for a mentor for there [sic] applications.


Worked with Vijay (Tepper MBA graduate)

I got the acceptance letter from Queen’s MBA. I would really like to thank you for your complete support in building my application and helping with my interview. I learned so many things while working with you and the way you guided my during various phases of the application was really a tremendous experience.

Admitted to Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper School of Business)

Thanks for the good wishes and for all the help with interview preparation, Vijay. I woke Anoop today morning with this good news! :D

Thanks once again to all of you!

Called for interview: Harvard Business School

Worked with Rajit (HBS MBA graduate)

Thanks Rajit. Time to prepare for next stage

Called for interview: Johnson School at Cornell University

Worked with Cornell MBA graduate Consultant

Thanks to you guys I have an interview call from Johnson school. I received a mail asking me to either call or e-mail their representative to schedule a campus, i/v with alum or telephonic interview. Considering this how should I go about setting up the interview and which would be the best ? What would be the ideal time to schedule an interview after I have got the email? @Anoop : I would like General Ed’s help with the interview. Please send me the details so that I can do whatever is required on my end as soon as possible.

Called for interview: Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Worked with Niraj (Fuqua MBA graduate)

I just received an email from Oxford admissions that I have been selected for the interview. I am quite excited about it! The interview will be in Mumbai on Nov 29 or 30 or in Delhi on Dec 1 or 2. Final decision will be out on Dec 10th.

Once again thank you very much for all the help with the Oxford essays!

Called for interview: University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Worked with Vineet (Emory MBA graduate)

I am happy to let you know that I have been invited by Chicago Booth school of business for an offsite alumni interview. I am yet to finalize my date but it is going to be before Nov 30th. I would like to thank you for going the extra mile for helping me with the Booth application.

Called for interview: Yale School of Management

Worked with Vineet (Emory MBA graduate)

The deck was useful. I have incorporated your ideas and have submitted my application to Booth. I enjoyed working with you. Thanks for all your help. Meanwhile I have got an invitation to interview from YALE SOM. Yale sent me an invite 5 days post submission of my application. The Yale essays drew significantly from the Booth essays. Hence we know that the essays are good. We shall have to wait and see if they match up to the expectation of Booth.

Called for interview: Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario

Worked with Vineet (Emory MBA graduate)

First of all I would like to really really thank you for the guidance that you have extended so far. Happy to let you know that I have got a interview invite from Ivey, our first application. While I am confident of representing myself fairly, to be frank I am extremely nervous, tense and desparate!

Other Testimonials

Thank You very much for all the insights and perspectives you have given during my interview preparation for ISB. The customized personal advice based on your first hand experience and a rigorous evaluation of my profile made a whole lot of difference to my responses in interview and to my outlook in general. I am glad I chose General Education services and I have already recommended your service to lot of friends of mine. Thanks once again!!!.


TI found the Gen Education team very responsive to all my queries & concerns over the journey we had together preparing for my interview to ISB. The elaborate questionnaire helps a lot fo focus one’s thoughts and plan responses to frequently asked Qs. Thanks a lot for all the Support!

P.S. some of the names are not very conspicuous because of the request of the candidates, but we can get you in touch with any of the people stated above in the list.

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