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Financial Times ups ISB’S Global Ranking by two notches

The recently released Global Business School Ranking report by Financial Times, ranks ISB -India’s top and one of a kind business school, as the 27th best out of the top 100. One of the key parameters that has positively impacted the school’s ranking is its salary percentage increase of 160 – the highest among the other top rated schools. This reinforces the superiority of the schools flagship PGP programme. The rigor and comprehensiveness of the course ensures that students are ready leaders and are able to manage businesses in fast-evolving evolving environments. The success of its programme objective is reflected in the strong placement record . In 2016, ISB PGP students received a record no of offers of 1151 from 297 companies. Quality of hiring also improved with an increase in leadership roles and first time participation of the government sector with offers being made by the Andhra Pradesh government . It’s noteworthy to mention that 2016 saw a shift in ISB placement structure. From a structured format, the school adopted a flexible hybrid format that allowed for exclusive days for recruiters with elaborate recruitment processes. This translated into higher pay packages to students.
Some of the other parameters that have contributed to the improvement in ranking is the school’s research-oriented resident faculty. ISB’s FT research rank improved to 61 and is much higher than its resident peers. Furthermore, its diversity with 61% of the board and 22% of its faculty being international is comparable with some of the top global institutes. Last but definitely not the least is ISB’s ability to meet expectations. On this count, the school falls line with its global peers and is a good enough reason for why a student should consider it as a destination to pursue their management goals.


CMU Tepper-MBA Application process:

Carnegie Mellon University-Tepper Business School is one of the top Global Business Schools in the world based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tepper was established more than 60 years ago and its leadership brought forth their vision of a better way to succeed in business. They have a world renowned faculty having to their credit researches on new concepts that are practised in the world of contemporary business. It offers more than 120 different electives to choose from a wide variety of cross functional areas.

The class size for a Tepper MBA is one of the smallest ones among the top ranked B-Schools. The faculty to student ratio is 1:5. Students also have access to professors, researchers and experts both inside and outside the classroom. Tepper faculties are constituently ranked among the world’s best faculties for intellectual capital. They also provide a lifelong support in your career services forward.

Tepper Business School provides the following areas of specialization in Management Studies:

Finance, Financial Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Consulting & Strategy and Computational Marketing and Technology among others.

The unique feature of Tepper 2 year MBA Program is that working Professionals based in Pittsburgh can complete the same MBA by attending evening classes as a part time MBA program.

Tepper invites students from diverse professional background having distinct academic records. The admission process in Tepper is quite holistic for short listing candidates in all parameters. The school thoroughly checks if a candidate fits in the program considering his goals, academics, professional experience, and leadership qualities. The school also seeks students who are highly motivated, self-directed and possess leadership qualities, team skills and hard work.

Class Profile:

  • Class Size- 206
  • Average years of full time work experience 4.3 years
  • GMAT Score- above 693

For more information regarding CMU Tepper Essays and analysis visit MBA Essay Consultants  and for Tepper Interview Preparation and to know about Tepper Interview Experience visit Tepper Interview Experience and see how General Education can help you with Tepper Application Process.


Make all the Difference with a Persuasive MBA Application Essay

According to the veterans, the application essays hold a real significance when it comes to the MBA application in the colleges of international repute. Not only does it reflect the professional and academic picture of yours, but also highlight the skills and strength of an individual on a personal ground. Quite obviously, the purpose of MBA application essay is quite different from that of the college admission essay.

Through a persuasive application essay, you can make your dream B-School think that you are worthy to walk through its halls. Hence, a little bit of extra efforts is demanded on your part to write a compelling MBA application essay. You should keep in mind that the MBA essays are a lot different from that of the resumes. Hence, the complete reiteration of your grades and accomplishments is just not accepted.

The most important thing to consider before writing an MBA essay is to develop a strategy. It’s mandatory to know where and how to highlight your unique strengths and attributes that sets you apart from the crowd and at the same time play a decisive part for acceptance of your application. So make sure that you are highlighting important qualities, right examples, so that your essay can convey your overall story without much of a trouble.

Keep in mind that your voice should be clearly heard in your application essay. Unless you let them know what you want and why you want, hardly there is any chance of you getting selected. Hence, avoid making use of any general or cliched statements. The Admission Committee has to go through about hundreds of applications almost every day and hence there should have some real material in your application that would make them notice you from among the lot. Hence, it is always recommended that your MBA application essay should not be jaded by commonly used words or phrases. To put yourself ahead of the multitude of fellow applicants you must learn to use the tips and tricks of writing the MBA application essay.

With so many criteria for writing an MBA application essay, now it has become imperative to hire an MBA essay editing service. As mentioned earlier, there should be a perfect, well-defined strategy for writing an application essay for MBA. And at the same time, it is also true that everyone does not have the capacity to frame it all properly. This is why the essay editing services have come into existence. An essay editing expert can give your essay a strong point that could allow you to mark your excellence. Moreover, the consultant is well aware of the standpoint and attitude of each business school. Quite obviously they can help you make the essay more insightful in every possible way. Definitely this is going to pay you off in a positive way.

Needless to say, application essays play the pivotal role in determining your acceptance, and an MBA essay editing consultant can make it strong, which maximizes your chances to get through the selection process.


Meet & Interact with ISB Admission Director on ISB Application Strategy in Bangalore

Dear MBA aspirants,

Meet ISB Admission Director & Top B-School alumni from INSEAD, ISB in Bangalore. Interact with ISB Admission Team to know more about ISB application process.  Get deep insights on application and admission process for top global b-schools like: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, INSEAD, LBS, MIT-Sloan, Duke, Ross, ISB, IIMs etc. Also participate voluntarily for profile evaluation and attend the mock interview session to understand the interview process and get valuable guidance and feedback from INSEAD and ISB alumni

Date: 30th June, 2013 – Sunday

Time: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Venue: Ivy – The Unwind Island, Opposite Prestige Tech Park, (Near Innovative multiplex), Infants Nest, Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore – 560087

Registration is free, visit workshops & seminars and register.

The session will cover the following topics:

• How to start thinking. Is MBA necessary for me? What could be my pay offs? Which Schools?

• B-School admission process

• Live analysis of actual MBA essays, Recommendations, Resume etc.

• Live mock interview and analysis

• Interactive Q&A session with ISB team and b-school alumni

Know from an expert team of b-school alumni from – Harvard, Duke, INSEAD, HEC, ISB, AGSM about how to go about planning for the seemingly complicated MBA admission process and application strategy. Discuss with experts to know what makes a B-School application stellar in the eyes of the admissions committee. Get your profile evaluation done for free. For free registration, visit to workshops and seminars


How Far Does ISB Essay Determine a Candidate’s Selection?

Having an MBA degree and that too from a reputed institution like Indian School of Business or ISB is certainly prestigious, and it opens up quite a number of avenues for your career growth. But, have you ever considered what it does take to bag such a prestigious degree? It’s lot more than just getting exceptionally good grades in GMAT. Getting through the interview of ISB is difficult and the process starts from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, ISB application is not just about filling up the online application form; a lot more is there to take into account. Remember, the efficacy of your online application form, to a great extent determines whether you are going to get an interview call from this premier institution.

Various MBA programs are available with the Indian School of Business. While many of them are the general ones, the rest are more focused. Depending on the career growth you want, you can choose the programs. But, irrespective of the programs you choose, the admission process is going to be a rigorous one.

As far as the interview process is concerned, ISB essay plays a pivotal role in determining your success. According to the Selection Panel at ISB, the essays are skillfully designed to get a fair idea about the career vision of the students. Hence, you just cannot write that MBA is the next best thing to do after you graduated because it can give you a career lift. Unless you can place an overall future plan with it, you are going to be disqualified. Considering from all these perspective, it’s pretty clear that writing an essay plays an important role during your interview process. Resorting to the ISB essay tips can however, give them a fair idea about the same.

As the veterans say, these essays are the platform to showcase the skills and qualities of a student. Needless to say, the students applying for two year tenured MBA program are all exceptional in terms of academic excellence and GMAT scores. And the essays offer a great platform to present yourself in such a way that can make you stand out from the lot. As far as ISB essay tips are concerned, it helps you to get the in-depth idea about how to tackle the essays without facing much hassle.

In order to get through the selection procedure at this premier institution, ISB essay tips come to the real help. As mentioned earlier, essays are a great method to delve into a student’s leadership skills, ability to tackle unforeseen situations and the tenacity to survive in an extremely competitive business world. Hence, the topics are also framed in such a way. Here are some of the commonly asked ISB essays.

  • Describe three circumstances (professional or personal) that involve your significant participation. Why you consider them important?
  • Tell us about a situation when you failed at something. How does it impact your life?
  • Provide an objective analysis of your personality. Explain your strength and weaknesses in brief.
  • If you are not selected in the ISB interview, what options will you prefer to choose for your career growth
  • What is your professional goal and does a business degree can do any help?

 Following these questions can give you a fair idea about what kind of questions you are going to face in the interview session of the premier B-schools across the world.


What You Need To Know About ISB Application Form

Having a career of your dream and that too with a degree from an esteemed institution like ISB is certainly a difficult venture. But, once you get through it, a rewarding career will no longer be your dream; instead it will be within your reach. This is why, a lot of MBA aspirants head to the reputed institutions that could offer them the golden ticket to a life, free from the hassles of career struggle. For an MBA aspirant, looking for an admission in Indian School of business (ISB) should be careful in many different ways. Keep in mind that ISB application essays are the most crucial as well as trickiest part. A little mistake, no matter how negligible it is, may end up disqualifying your application form.

If you are planning to be an ISB qualified MBA graduate, you must start preparation from months before. And, it starts right from the ISB application form. As mentioned earlier, the application process is a bit complicated and hence special care should be given. Application forms are available in the online portal and the program office accepts nothing but the online application only. No printouts or hard copy of the application form is entertained. In addition to the online form, several other documents are also required to be uploaded. In case, any document is found missing, your ISB application will be disqualified right away. Here’s a detailed list of what is required. You can take a note.

  1. Colour photograph
  2. Photocopy of Passport
  3. Academic records (marksheets/ transcripts of Bachelor’s degree marks)
  4. Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
  5. Certificates and mark sheets of any additional qualification, vocational training and the like
  6. Detailed proof of your yearly income (if you are employed)
  7. Business card
  8. GMAT, TOEFL / IELTS scores and certificates
  9. Reference letter or evaluation of your performance, by your previous employers. However, make sure that you are following the prescribed format in the online application portal.

Broadly speaking, these are the things, an applicant will require if he wants to apply for the MBA program in ISB. But before you approach further with your ISB application form, it’s important to know what exactly an employer’s support letter is and how different it is from evaluation.

Employer Support Letter

Basically, it’s nothing but, a support or a letter of consent from the employer stating that he allows the candidate to take part in the MBA programme with the institution. Many a times, the employer sponsors the entire study programme. If your education is also sponsored by your employer, you need to furnish a “support letter, which will be clearly stating the nature and extent of sponsorship. It will be easier for the ISB authority, to gauge whether the candidate is able enough to carry out his studies in the institution.


It is mandatory to submit two professional evaluations along with your ISB application form. Applicants are recommended to opt for an online evaluation according to the format prescribed in the online form. In case, you are employed, evaluation of your performance can be requested from your current employer or from the manager, who is in charge of supervising your work.

Last, but not the least, online form is one of the most crucial part of the ISB application process. Any discrepancy including misplaced or lost documents can land you up in troubles. Chances are you may lose your candidature with ISB in such situations.


ISB Interviews- The Gateway to a Rewarding Career

The financial crunch which have been affecting the economy since the past few years had its dire effect on every sectors. Not only has it changed the way a business operates, but also has influenced the education scenario in a significantly diverse manner. Holding a professional degree is no more a ticket to a rewarding career, because recruiters are looking for the one who can outshine the “exceptional” set of applicants. Quite obviously higher education like MBA and that too from the internationally acclaimed colleges have become a compulsion.

Top B-schools like Indian Business School or ISB have their own set of norms and admission nitty-gritty, which are really tough to get through. But that does not make it an impossible venture although. Experts believe that getting successfully through the ISB interview gives you an edge, which in the long run can help you excel in the competitive professional field.

Lately, the business market is completely focused on the explicit and industry-oriented managerial skills, which are taught at the Top Business Schools. Hence, the course curriculum as well as the ISB interview pattern is framed in such a manner, so that they reflect a perfect blend of academics as well as the challenges faced in the real business world. Being chosen for the prestigious two year tenured MBA program in ISB is certainly a great feeling but, for that a candidate should be backed by a good GMAT scores, excellent academic track record, and professional experience as an added advantage.

However, the GMAT scores and academic track record is not everything. Since, the business market is extremely volatile, a candidate should have the tenacity to tackle all the hardships, he might need to face in the present business environment. This is how he will create his own niche in this market. Hence, during the interview session the students are meticulously scrutinized, whether they are able to put up with such challenges. ISB essays play a significant part in determining this. There have been instances, where an ISB aspirant has been asked to write essays (or prepare video essays) on different topics. According to the ISB scholars, essays provide an innovative way to screen candidates. Perfectly framed ISB essays are aimed at determining the candidate’s level of confidence, problem solving skills and the approach to address any problem.

The interview process helps in the neat qualitative analysis of an individual. If you are an MBA aspirant and desire to have a degree from the esteemed institutions like ISB, you must do your homework from months before. ISB essay tips can be of real help in this regard. According to the veterans, essays are nothing but a “freedom of expression” given to the candidates, which in turn help the interviewers to find the right candidate from the lot. Since, the educational scenario is increasingly becoming competitive and every second individual is holding a prestigious degree and competence, it’s really difficult to spot the one with real exceptional talent. The ISB essays are nothing but a great yet hassle free way to find the one.


Integrated Reasoning for GMAT

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is the most popular and widely recognized MBA admission test. GMAT is computer based assessment test, most of the top global b-schools use GMAT test as a criterion for MBA admission. The need for professional GMAT coaching has increased and people are looking for GMAT preparation classes, also recently the online GMAT preparation is becoming more popular in India.
In current GMAT, the new section – Integrated Reasoning has been introduced. This section of the GMAT exam consists of 12 questions which includes four question types like Graphical interpretation, two part analysis, Table analysis and finally multi – source reasoning questions.
What skill does Integrated Reasoning section measures?
Integrated Reasoning section measures the following skillsets from prospective GMAT applicant -
  1. Arrange information displayed in graphics, text, and numbers
  2. Assessing relevant information from different sources
  3. Arranging information to see associations and to solve various, connected problems
  4. Blending and adjusting information to solve complicated problems that depend on information and facts from one or more sources.
General Education, the pioneers in MBA application assistance conduct online GMAT preparation course to help working professionals who are preparing for GMAT. The GMAT coaching is completely online, the online GMAT classes are conducted over Cisco WebEx meeting software. The GMAT classes are scheduled only on weekends; this implies full GMAT test preparation demands around 8-12 weeks.
General Education will provide all the GMAT study material, which will equip the class participants for GMAT preparation and professional GMAT instructors also provide GMAT tips and test taking techniques to score 700+
Are u studying for GMAT and need more information? Then visit Online GMAT Preparation, GMAT test preparation software is also available to gauge your preparation and will exactly tell you where all you need improvement, visit GMAT test tool to download free GMAT test tool.

General Education Services for ISB Application

Indian school of Business (ISB) is one of the top global Business School in India with campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali. It is ranked 20th in the latest FT Global MBA ranking. It provides a number of professional courses among which ISB PGP is one of the flagship executive programs. For the programs commencing from 2013 onwards the ISB PGP (Post Graduate Program) will be conducted in two locations across India, i.e. in Hyderabad and Mohali. Online applications for PGP 2013 have started and ISB has a total intake of 770 applications, Hyderabad- 560 and Mohali- 210.

The ISB application for the class of 2014 has opened. This year the ISB adcom has asked for a 90 sec video apart from the three required essay questions.

General Education has team of expert consultants who has helped several candidates successfully in getting admits in ISB. For ISB application service, General Education has several ISB alumni working as consultants with them. These ISB consultants have been either part of the adcom or part of the ISB interview panel and therefore provide important insight into what ISB is looking for in a candidate. This insight helps  clients in writing their essays and brining out best out of their profile in their ISB application.

The consultant starts with discussion about the profile of the client starting from his academics, his work experience till date to his hobbies/ interests. Then General Education ISB consultants discusses each question with the client and gives outline for each essay as per the client’s profile and ISB’s requirement. Then the client writes the draft of the essays based on the consultant’s inputs and sends it to him for the review. The consultant reviews it multiple times till the consultant and the client is happy with the final version which can be sent to the ISB admissions committee.

Similarly the 90 sec video which the ISB adcom has introduced in this year’s application process will be reviewed. General Education has already helped ISB YLP candidates for their video presentations, you can this out here ISB YLP application process. Similarly, the video for the ISB application will be reviewed multiple times before finalizing. n the last few years the no. of General Education clients who have received admission offer from ISB has increased. The testimonials of few of them are proof of the quality of the services provided by General Education in testimonial section.

General Education conducts workshops for aspiring MBA candidates in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi,  where topics like right choice of B-schools, components of application, examples of good and bad essays etc are covered. The ISB also have a small Q & A session in that workshop. The workshop attendees get to interact with alumni of top B-Schools.

So if you want to be part of this year’s list of successful candidates, get in touch with the team of General Education and get your profile evaluated by the expert team of consultants who are MBA from top global B-Schools.

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