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4 Essential ISB Interview Tips For Candidates

After completion of Round 1 of submissions, there comes the interview time. While the b-school gets an idea about what you bring to the table through applications, an interview helps to know a candidate better. Many of you may be contemplating the type of questions, which will be thrown at you during the review; what to say, how to answer, what not to say. A note regarding the ISB interview tips would just be right for you. So, here it goes.

  • Why MBA? This might be the first question you will be asked. You definitely have a past experience. You’ve done something and now you’ve plans for your future. So, how will the MBA fit into your future plan? Express your goals for how an MBA will create an impact on your future. Connect your role to your post-MBA objectives as much as you can. The exact responsibilities, roles and industry you want to be are not vital, what’s important is that you’ve thought about your future plans and an MBA fits well with that.
  • The interview panel has read your ISB essays and gone through your resume. But they might not have an access to your GMAT and academic scores. So, they might question on you about the answers you have given to the ISB essay questions  and about your experience that related to your work. The learnings, which you’ve derived from your place of work, the type of initiative you have revealed, the leadership potential you’ve displayed, how you contributed to your team etc with precise examples is what ISB wants to know. However, be prepared to get questions on any aspect of the application. The b-school typically doesn’t go outside of what’s mentioned in the application.
  • Communication skill is a crucial aspect of an interview. Your language, how you converse, your listening ability, lucidity of thought, your level of confidence, are all that the interview panel looks at. Can you be pressurized very easily? How well are you able to express yourself while discussing on something? All these things will be considered by an interview panel. So, prepare yourself accordingly when appearing for an interview.
  • Finally, the most important ISB interview tip is that you should be honest and be yourself.

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ISB interviews: What to expect (in admissions interview) when you are expecting a call

For all those who like to read non-fiction, the title would have generated a smile.  So apart from the regular laundry list that you would see on various forums (or fora) for interview preparation, one needs a handful of common sense coupled with ISB interview panel’s expectation. From experience, I can safely say that one needs to have a balanced approach towards interviews i.e. Don’t overplay your strengths and don’t dismiss your experience as trivial. Some of the best candidates maintain the poise and not get carried away with excitement of being called for an admission interview with ISB. Here’s my laundry list for preparation of ISB admission interview. I am sure, this will generate a lot of I-already -knew-that expressions, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. High Self-confidence is a must. One doesn’t need to be flighty, but confidence and poise should reflect from answers. There’s no point in ruing or defending something that is beyond your control, so focus should be the key to presenting what you have written in the essays.
  2. Since airtime is going to be in your favor, do structure your answers to expected questions well. Use examples as much as possible to explain the situations and circumstances under which decisions were taken.
  3. ISB is not looking for wannabe entrepreneurs all the time. ISB wants students who are bright and can become good leaders down the line. To become a good leader, one has to be a good follower and also a good employee.
  4. Your pitch should focus on your strengths. The evaluators are always looking out for the areas where they can dig in and find out real YOU.
  5. Focusing on more than 2 strengths in a half an hour of discussion is a waste. ISB alumni can very well open up the realities of such Jack-of-all-trades. It is always recommended to be self-aware, focus on work and have a clear view of where you want to go if selected. This clarity is what most interview panels are seeking and award high scores on basis of such clarity in thoughts.

All the best for your ISB interview.


Tips for ISB interview: How to crack the ISB Interview

The interview panel comprises of two to three interviewers with at least one person from the ISB admissions committee. The other panelists can be the existing students or the alumni of ISB. Professors are not the part of the ISB interview panel.

The main qualities that the ISB looks for the applicants are:

  • Team skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Clarity of thought

Let’s discuss some of the ISB interview questions that come under each category:

Analytical skills
Usually a case based question is asked when the candidate aspires to become a consultant post ISB or has mentioned about his or her analytical abilities. Some of the instances are as follows:

  • Number of the customers that an up-scale sports company will be able to attract in India?
  • Number of paan shops in India?
  • Number of television sets that can be sold in the current year?

Information based ISB interview questions

  • Approximate population of the major cities, such as Delhi, Bombay, and Bangalore.
  • Ratio of the various age and gender groups in India.
  • Ratio of the various income groups in India.
  • Approximate population of India
  • Approximate ratio of urban and rural population.

If your analytical skills are weak, then you can be asked questions, such as

  • What is the future of outsourcing?
  • What is the most challenging project that you have worked on?

Leadership skills

If you have five or more years of experience while applying to ISB then you will be asked some of the leadership based questions:

  • Any innovative change that you have brought in your team? How will it affect your team?
  • How do your subordinated describe you?
  • What are the challenges you have faced while heading a project?
  • If you have managed events, then how different do you do it compared to the previous managers?
  • How can you promote your idea if the management doesn’t support it?

Communication skills

Applicants are judged for their communication skills. For effective communication, an applicant must take care of the following points:

  • Be cheerful and confident.
  • Answers must be to the point.
  • Be honest.
  • Without focusing on any one interviewer, you must look at everyone while speaking.

Organization skills

  • How do your colleges describe you?
  • According to you, what’s the key team to co-ordination?
  • How did you contribute to the success of your team during your work experience?
  • How did you contribute to a project as a team member?

General ISB Interview Tips

You have to learn about the institute thoroughly that involves:

  • Main strengths, prominent alumni, established by, etc.
  • Which club you will like to join.
  • You must be thorough with your area of undergraduate specialization or the industry imperatives and trends.
  • You must be thorough with your interest and the hobbies, for instance, if you are a cricket enthusiast, then you can face the question, When can a cricket ball reverse swing?
  • You must listen to the question completely before answering it.
  • You must have the habit of reading magazines or journals for developing your current affairs.
  • Your responses must not last for more than 1-2 minutes per question. The attention span of an average listener is 30 to 60 seconds.

Our site will provide you with sample questions, ISB interview tips and the ISB interview experiences of the actual candidates.

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