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How to get a better GMAT score

GMAT is the first step towards your career upliftment. If you are planning an MBA from the top B-School, it is necessary that you need a good GMAT score. GMAT also plays an important role in your scholarship. So it is always good to start strong to create an impression.

GMAT is not a rocket science; it’s the 10-12 class math and verbal skills that needs to be applied effectively. However the mental pressure will be on the higher side. To gain control over that pressure you need to practice the test over and over again. Once you do that you will be well versed with the typical questions and how to analyze and reach to a solution. Our Mini GMAT Diagnostic test tool will help you practice the test unlimited times for free, which no other GMAT test tool allows.  This will help you analyze your strength and weakness and efficiently work on your time management.

Features of the Mini GMAT Diagnostic test tool are:

  1. Unlimited usage
  2. Computer Adaptive test model
  3. 45 mins test (24 questions verbal and quant)
  4. Get score instantly with explanations
  5. Percentiles out of 800
  6. Feedback session from GMAT instructor
  7. Detailed analysis of the test

With this you can understand you weakness and work towards getting a better GMAT score. You can always take a free test here.

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