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GMAT score and its role in MBA application process

It is well known fact that GMAT is a crucial step in the admission process to top business schools. But the purpose of your GMAT score in securing admit also depends other critical components of your application like your academics, undergrad GPA, Work experience, leadership skills, achievements, awards and recognition are important factors in deciding your candidature.



Your GMAT Score is a quantitative aspect that will have a huge influence on your MBA application journey.

A basic reason of why your GMAT score is so crucial is that most of the top B-school admissions committees feel that the GMAT presents an applicant’s strength in analytical and verbal skills and it is easiest way to evaluate candidates. It is also difficult to compare undergraduate grades of applicants as the level of course difficulty can deviate significantly among undergraduate programs. Most top B-schools are looking for applicants who achieve balanced score in both quantitative and verbal skill sets.

The importance of the GMAT in your application to an MBA program is significant, weightage given for your GMAT score as part of your overall application package will differ from school to school and region to region. Most of the top B-school looks for balanced profile with strong GMAT score and academic grades, work experience, solid application essays and robust letters of recommendation. Along with your intelligence and analytical ability, most admissions committees are also looking to evaluate your leadership, organizational and teamwork skills. So the Ideal candidate to qualify for top B-schools should satisfy all the above criteria.

So in most situations a robust performance on the GMAT is basically one of the strong elements in deciding your candidature. Most top graded business schools receive an tremendous number of candidates with very high GMAT scores. Consequently, the determining aspect becomes your previous academic performance which is measured by the college’s reputation and difficulty of curriculum in association with the other elements of your track record that you present in your application.

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Online GMAT Preparation

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is the most common and extensively accepted MBA admission test. GMAT is computer dependent evaluation test, all most of the top global b-schools prefer GMAT test as a qualifying measure for MBA admission. The need to have expert GMAT coaching has expanded and people today are seeking for GMAT preparation courses, also recently the online GMAT preparation is getting more common in India.

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