Financial Times ups ISB’S Global Ranking by two notches

The recently released Global Business School Ranking report by Financial Times, ranks ISB -India’s top and one of a kind business school, as the 27th best out of the top 100. One of the key parameters that has positively impacted the school’s ranking is its salary percentage increase of 160 – the highest among the other top rated schools. This reinforces the superiority of the schools flagship PGP programme. The rigor and comprehensiveness of the course ensures that students are ready leaders and are able to manage businesses in fast-evolving evolving environments. The success of its programme objective is reflected in the strong placement record . In 2016, ISB PGP students received a record no of offers of 1151 from 297 companies. Quality of hiring also improved with an increase in leadership roles and first time participation of the government sector with offers being made by the Andhra Pradesh government . It’s noteworthy to mention that 2016 saw a shift in ISB placement structure. From a structured format, the school adopted a flexible hybrid format that allowed for exclusive days for recruiters with elaborate recruitment processes. This translated into higher pay packages to students.
Some of the other parameters that have contributed to the improvement in ranking is the school’s research-oriented resident faculty. ISB’s FT research rank improved to 61 and is much higher than its resident peers. Furthermore, its diversity with 61% of the board and 22% of its faculty being international is comparable with some of the top global institutes. Last but definitely not the least is ISB’s ability to meet expectations. On this count, the school falls line with its global peers and is a good enough reason for why a student should consider it as a destination to pursue their management goals.


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