Why do you get rejected from the B-Schools?

Why do you get rejected from the B-Schools, is a question that needs to be answered much before applying to your dream B-Schools. If you know the reason that might cause you the rejection, you can take precautionary methods to avoid it. However it is not completely possible to eliminate the chances of getting rejected.


Below are a few factors that General Education has identified:

  • GMAT Score: GMAT score could be one reason that you get rejected from the B-Schools. Try to identify the B-Schools that have a GMAT rage which is similar to yours. A higher GMAT score will always be an added advantage.
  • MBA Application Essays: Try to stick to the questions and answer them in a logical manner. Do not try to fill in things which are not relevant to your profile.
  • Resume: Resume plays a big role in the MBA Admission procedure. Try to keep it concise and remember it is not a job that you are applying for.
  • Work Experience:  Work experience is a mandate while you are applying for the MBA programs. You should be able to show a definite growth in your career. This will help the admission committee to identify your leadership skills and management skills.
  • Low GPA:  Low GPA could also be one reason for the rejection. If you have a low GPA, try to identify the schools which are not too strict about your GPA. You can also cover it up by a high GMAT score, strong work experience, and good application essays.
  • Extracurricular activities: Lack of extracurricular activities could also be a reason for not giving you an admission
  • Interview: Prepare well for your interviews and be prepared to answer the questions related to your application essays and work experience. Never cook up stories in the essays which will make it impossible for you to justify.
  • Right B-School: Analyze your profile and try identifying the right B-Schools for you to apply. It does not matter if you have high GMAT score, good application essays or strong profile. If you do not fit into the profile of the B-School, your chances are very less.

These are a few factors that need to be analyzed before applying to the B-Schools. Identify the right B-Schools and put in the maximum effort to submit the best application essays possible.

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