ISB: Eligibility Criteria and Prerequisites

ISB is one of the finest business schools in India. One of a kind; the school has developed its brand through time and is giving outputs as brilliant students and placements to keep up its name at the peak. To no surprise; in some of the listings, the school has been placed higher than some of the IIMs. It is a matter of pride for Indians that this school has been ranked amongst the top management schools in Asia.


Open for students from all over the world; the school like any other institution has some requirements that the student must possess. Some of these requirements are:

  • Applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in any stream.
  • Applicant is expected to appear in the GMAT exams and have GMAT scores.
  • Those applicants who have at least 2 year of experience after their graduation are preferred by ISB. In case the student didn’t possess any work experience or has less work experience; he will be considered for the case of deferred admission.
  • In case the language of the student in his UG studies wasn’t English; he must have PTE, TOEFL or IELTS scores to present.
  • Following are the codes of the different tests for ISB:

  1. N2DJ501 is the code for the GMAT tests.
  2. 9047 is the test for the TOEFL tests.

Like any other organization or institute; ISB wants only qualified and worthy students to be a part of this prestigious school. Entry of unworthy candidates or carelessness in the entrance will be a huge injustice to those who have studied hard to be a part of ISB. Some of the qualities that the ISB wants to see in its students are:

Educational Background: Like any other educational institute; first priority of ISB is to select those students who have a brilliant academic history. Cut off criteria like most; is not adopted by ISB. Instead the organization believes in taking all sorts of the qualities in the student simultaneously. Like instead of a great GMAT score or the 2 year excellent work experience, candidates acquiring something in other areas and little work experience are also accepted by ISB in cases of deferred admissions etc.

Leadership: Since you are applying for a management school; it is expected from you to possess a leadership quality in yourself. By the admission committee; the first impression of a leadership quality is estimated by the references and recommendations an applicant provide in the application. Also, those applicants who in their educational and professional life have shown traits of leadership by taking some new initiatives are also preferred.

It’s not that ISB want all public leaders but any applicant who in his surroundings have taken an initiative benefiting the people around him are admired and preferred by ISB.

Good Speaker and Convincer: OK, now that’s the point which most of the business schools want to see in their candidates. And why not, it’s a business and management school you are applying to. May be this is why all the emphasis on the group discussion and personal interview is laid by the applicants preparing for the MBA.

A good idea is worthless until unless you can convince the authorized personal that it is beneficial for the organization. And even the most right thing said in a little wrong way can make you look like a fool. So, to prepare a perfect candidate; ISB looks for these qualities in its students. And those who lack these qualities in their personality; you needn’t worry, once you get the admission, these things will be taken care of.

So, for the students preparing for ISB; all I want to say is that if you want to take admission in a school that is distinctly ahead of others; you should be the same.


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