Why MBA programme at ISB is so lucrative?

There are many compelling reasons why the Indian School of Business (ISB) has become a much sought after business school for an MBA program. Despite being the youngest MBA program in India, ISB is climbing the charts of popularity and fame with a great preference among the Indian aspirants.


ISB Essay

If you look at the novelty of MBA application process in ISB, you will see that essays play an important role in the admission process. That is why ISB sample essays have become determiners in the run up to the ISB admission process.  In the admission process, a candidate is required to write 3 essays besides an optional essay on exceptional achievements.

These essays will reveal how far a candidate can differentiate himself from rest of the crowd. The admissions committee can easily make out from the quality of the ISB essays the real caliber of a candidate and it what value he will bring to the class.


The ISB MBA application is unique in many ways. Perhaps the best part will be the boost it adds to the career of serving young professionals by getting the opportunity add an MBA degree. The eligibility for ISB include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Full-time work experience of 02 years after graduation
  • Less work experienced can get be considered for deferred admission
  • GMAT score
  • TOEFL score for those who had undergraduate education in non-English languages

Top in Surveys

The reputation of ISB is illustrated by the rankings it got in various surveys. In 2008, ISB became the youngest ever to be featured in the FT Top 20 ranking of business schools.  In 2010, the ranking went up to 12 as ISB had become the most sought after for every Indian applicant as one of the top options in B-school choice. As a result, Indians are turning down offers from other B schools not within the Top 10 and turning their focus to ISB.

ISB Edge

There are many reasons why ISB fascinates all as a top-notch B school in India.

Super faculty: The faculty of ISB is drawn from all top B schools of the world. They include Wharton, Kellogg, Texas McCombs, London Business School, Darden, and Duke.

Enduring Partnerships: ISB has partnerships with many top B schools, including Kellogg, Wharton, and LBS. So the best of global education is made available.

Flexible Specializations: The students in ISB can opt for many disciplines other than finance, marketing, operations or IT. Thanks to the industry-specific focus on Healthcare and Manufacturing the options are plenty for students looking for industry specializations

Intellectual climate:  A slew of campus activities such as discussions, debates, and case studies from conferences and events cover business, policy making, social trends, and academics.

Thought Leaders

Many top speakers of the world regularly visit the ISB campus for speaking sessions. The events at ISB are so outstanding that they prepare students to emerge as confident leaders.

Great placements: The ISB offers excellent placement opportunities as ISB is ahead in all departments.


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