Start early with your Applications to the Top B-Schools

When is the right time to start your applications for Fall 2015 season is a major question to be answered. It’s true that it’s just April and application questions for the Fall 2015 are not open yet and R3 deadlines and decision making dates are still open for Fall 2014 applicants. There are many advantages when you are starting your applications early for 2015 season.


From our past experiences we have seen a lot many candidates who are seriously thinking about bagging the admission from their dream schools in the R1. The advantages of starting early are:

  1. Flexibility of time
  2. Maximum preparation is possible
  3. Build your profile
  4. Maximum number of reviews and edits can be made to the MBA application essays
  5. Time to recollect even the smallest of incident in your personal and professional life.
  6. Time to rework on your GMAT score based on your school selection

When you are applying early, you can allocate time for your applications in a structured manner so that it does not disturb your professional or personal life. This also helps you get maximum time for your preparations to make your profile and applications strong enough for assuring the interview calls in the first instance. You will also have time for getting your MBA essays reviewed and evaluated by an expert or your peers to avoid the mistakes. More time will also help you think on the possible ways to represent yourself through the essays and every incident worth mentioning can be analyzed. Last but not the least; you will get ample time to rework on your GMAT score if you are not satisfied with your current score.

With these things in mind, I would suggest to start early to get a flawless and quality application for submitting to the Top B-Schools to take your career to the next level.


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