Role of Academics in Top B-school Admission Process

People planning to apply for top b-schools focus mainly on the MBA class experience and the network for their career support after graduation, but it is equally important to focus on the previous academic track record also as most of the business schools look at it as a predictor of your success in business school.


It works well for applicants whose undergraduate GPAs and GMAT scores are very much close to the average of students at their target schools whereas it is concern for many applicants who fall below the group in either low undergraduate GPA or low GMAT score.

In such cases retaking the GMAT is often an alternative, but this can become negative after multiple GMAT attempts, and it is certain that nothing can be done to improvise or change one’s academic grades. So, if the other elements of your profile are robust and you are only weak in either academic GPA or low GMAT score then it is always advised to use optional essay to address that one of these – GPA/GMAT figures is less than the target school’s average and write convincingly to the admission committee that the other is the more appropriate indicator of your academic capability.

At the same time, applicants who are unsuccessful in securing average GPA and GMAT should consider taking some quantitative courses in accounting, statistics, calculus or economics. Scoring well in these areas will also help you to show your quantitative and analytical abilities to the admission committee.

However, these are some of the general b-school admission tips on strengthening your profile and encountering GPA/GMAT worries. Visit here and fill your details for a detailed free profile evaluation session with our expert MBA consultants.


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