TAS – Tata Administrative Services

TAS, earlier known as known as the Tata Administrative Services, is the top leadership programme created by JRD Tata, the late chairman of the Tata Group in 1956.

With TAS, he planned to create a pool of leaders who would guide the Tata Group companies and make them more robust. As part of their training, TAS recruits are trained through the Tata Group’s various industrial sectors, companies, by some of the best team of managers and top level executives. They visit corporate offices, factories and plants of various Group companies and interact with management executives as well as the operation teams in order to enhance their learning experience.

TAS is one of the few career brands in Indian business that actively recruits young postgraduates from top business schools each year, TAS also recruit inhouse employees and positions them through an rigorous 12-month programme to provide a broad view of business and make them prepare for general management roles

Selection process for TAS is as below

1) Chairman’s GD Round

2) Case Study Presentation

3) IRIS psychometrics

4) Director’s round of interviews

For more details on selection process for TAS, deadlines, recent TAS case study topics, essay questions and TAS interview experience visit http://www.general-ed.com/tas-case-study


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