How to Make a Good Application

Almost important and common question an MBA aspirant always have in his/her mind – when is a good time to start preparing for the b school application. It is advisable to apply in Round 1. So, ideally, an individual would need to start the preparation at least 2-3 months in advance of the business school deadline. That would also mean one has to take his/her GMAT before starting to prepare on the application.

First and foremost step is, researching the right b-school- selecting the B-school(s) that you want to apply to considering the placements, class composition, student engagement, diversity, acceptance rate etc. The other important aspect about this phase is connecting and talking to alumni of the B-school – again a long drawn process that often tests your patience.

Some schools have some key requirements such as INSEAD has diversity as a differentiating factor, HBS has entrepreneurship as a key factor, and Wharton looks for a leadership experience and so on. Thus, research is an important factor.  There are few b schools that even have an essay asking the candidate about what (s) he found during the research process. Taking an admission consultant’s help to get the right knowledge can really make the difference between an admit or a reject.

The next step, is writing your essays. You need to think about what you should write before actually putting it into words. Here inlays the key! One would need to spend time introspecting (tons of time doing this). We have not come across any serious B-school applicant who hasn’t found something new about him/herself during this phase of the application. Often the applicants, stumble during writing the essays because they haven’t either introspected enough, or they are not able to determine what is an important experience to mention and what is not or they are not able to articulate the event/incident in a structured manner.

It takes a lot of time to write and re-write experiences/achievements. But still the applicant is not sure if they have been able to communicate their strengths and achievements in the best possible manner. This is where a consultant’s advice can come in handy.This not only helps in reducing the time needed to put together a quality application, but also it helps in filtering the noise.

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