Myths About ISB Admissions

There are several myths about ISB admissions. Here we have discussed a few. They are surely going to help you avoid making common mistakes.

Myth 1: Since I am an IT professional, my profile won’t stand a chance

ISB values diversity in PGP class. Large pool of applications, about 30-35%, consists IT professionals each and every year. Thus the myth has circulated that the IT experts would find it tough to differentiate themselves from other applicants and so can’t get an admission offer.

The IT industry generally provides candidates with plenty of opportunities to develop unique skills and thus differentiate themselves. Right from working on complicated projects and managing the teams to developing in-depth domain expertise and learning about new cultures through international exposure, the IT experts have many opportunities to distinguish themselves with their experiences and skills. Hence, if you are from this booming industry in India and is a choice among your friends, there is no issue at all. ISB is much more curious in what you’ve done with the chances you have had. It depends upon you to recognize your strengths and differentiators and present all of them I front of the admission committee.

Myth 2: My GMAT score is high. This means I will get admitted in ISB easily.

The GMAT is just a parameter among many that the ISB admissions committee looks while assessing an application. Although it’s great to have a high GMAT score, the process of evaluation makes sure that an applicant with a good GMAT score and a one-dimensional personality will not be offered an ISB PGP admission. Thus, even if you have a good score on GMAT, it is important that concentrate on developing a strong application for presenting your case.This includes recommendations, essays, awards and extra curricular activities, etc.

However, low scores on GMAT doesn’t mean instant elimination and good GMAT scores doesn’t guarantee ISB admissions. Your profile in general will be evaluated holistically to determine your admission.

Myth 3: Round 1 is better than Round 2 for ISB PGP application

Round 1 or Round 2 doesn’t matter. You must apply when you’re ready and you have a stronger application. Check if all the admission details are completed, if you’re happy with your GMAT score and if you have portrayed your work accomplishments well. If yes, apply straight away. But is there a promotion, which will take place soon? Will you complete a significant project in the next two months? If all your answers are yes, then it would be great to apply in Round 2. People think that they will get an advantage of seats in Round 1. However, this is no such thing.

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