Guidelines for successful b-school application process

1) Always be specific about your career goals, short and long term goals explain how an MBA fits into your plans. Ensure that an MBA is an essential stage for you due to the fact that it is a big responsibility and you want to make the right decision.

2) Talk to admission committee people, alumni attend information sessions to get more insights about application process.

3) Decide on the b-schools carefully. Go through the b-school websites and do some research on the school objectives then match it with your profile and career goals, choose the programs that fit your profile and you may not necessarily apply to only top b-schools.

4) Ensure that you know the schools admission requirement like admission deadlines, other eligibility criteria and also each aspect you require for the successful application – Official GMAT score, academic transcript, recommendations, essays, and application.

5) Talk to your recommenders and give them enough time to write recommendations. Discuss with them about your reasons for pursuing an MBA so they can write meaningful recommendation letters.

6) It is always advised to visit b-school you are applying to. Talking to current students and getting a feel for the school in-person is very helpful and also indicates the school that you are interested and serious.

7) Do lot of brainstorming and give enough time for creating your story in the essays. Write essays on your own and be confident in yourself. Make them as exciting and personal as possible. The admissions committee reads hundreds of application so make your application unique and stand out among the applicant pool.

8) Take the help of some key people like professional application consultants, b-school alumni for reviewing your essays before you submit them to make sure about the quality of the essays is perfect and your overall story is convincing and makes sense.

These are some of the important guidelines for successful application journey. Visit general education service to know more about our services and how we can help you in securing admit from your dream b-school.

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