CMU Tepper-MBA Application process:

Carnegie Mellon University-Tepper Business School is one of the top Global Business Schools in the world based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tepper was established more than 60 years ago and its leadership brought forth their vision of a better way to succeed in business. They have a world renowned faculty having to their credit researches on new concepts that are practised in the world of contemporary business. It offers more than 120 different electives to choose from a wide variety of cross functional areas.

The class size for a Tepper MBA is one of the smallest ones among the top ranked B-Schools. The faculty to student ratio is 1:5. Students also have access to professors, researchers and experts both inside and outside the classroom. Tepper faculties are constituently ranked among the world’s best faculties for intellectual capital. They also provide a lifelong support in your career services forward.

Tepper Business School provides the following areas of specialization in Management Studies:

Finance, Financial Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Consulting & Strategy and Computational Marketing and Technology among others.

The unique feature of Tepper 2 year MBA Program is that working Professionals based in Pittsburgh can complete the same MBA by attending evening classes as a part time MBA program.

Tepper invites students from diverse professional background having distinct academic records. The admission process in Tepper is quite holistic for short listing candidates in all parameters. The school thoroughly checks if a candidate fits in the program considering his goals, academics, professional experience, and leadership qualities. The school also seeks students who are highly motivated, self-directed and possess leadership qualities, team skills and hard work.

Class Profile:

  • Class Size- 206
  • Average years of full time work experience 4.3 years
  • GMAT Score- above 693

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