Choosing the Right B School

Choosing the Right B School has always been an issue for the MBA aspirants. Since it is a big decision in your life the selection should be done carefully and wisely. An MBA degree will not only help you achieve your goals, it will also set your career in the right path or the path you desire. Below are a few important factors that you need to consider while selecting the right B School.

  1. Career goals
  2. Ranking of the B School
  3. GMAT score
  4. Work Experience
  5. Location
  6. Placement records
  7. Acceptance rate
  8. Class Size
  9. Total cost ( Tuition Fee, Living Expenses and Opportunity expenses)
  10. Return on Investment and Post MBA Salary
  11. Alumni Satisfaction

These factors should be considered while selecting the B School. Choosing the Right B School will always increase your chances of getting an admit to the program. Upon the selection of B School based on the above factors, you should be equipped with good application essays to confirm the interview call.

Hope these tips were helpful. However for more information you can always try B School Selector tool on our website.


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