VERBAL or MATH – What is important to crack GMAT

While you can’t afford to ignore any of them, it is verbal which can take you to 700+ scores in GMAT for sure.

Puzzled?? Let us work it out through an example:

Case 1: score of 49 in verbal (i.e. 99 %ile)




Score %ile Score %ile Score %ile
49 99 38 44 730 96
49 99 40 50 740 96
49 99 43 58 740 97

 So you ended up with 730-740 score even when you screwed Math section big time. Let us check other way round

Case II: score of 51 in Math (i.e. 99 %ile)




Score %ile Score %ile Score %ile
51 99 29 55 670 85
51 99 31 60 690 88
51 99 33 68 710 92

 So, even when you aced Math section, a below par verbal performance spoils your overall GMAT score

Why is it so?? Simple fact is that there are too many students strong at math section, hence the difference in their scores is less. While, verbal capabilities and hence verbal score gaps vary a lot due to understanding of language intricacies (especially for students from non- english speaking nations).

Hence, verbal section is the one that may play spoilsport as well as may prove to be your savior.

I am not intimidating you. Just that, as a wannabe management professional you need to know this fact right now to strategize better  for your GMAT exam and train yourself more to tackle this Verbal demon if you feel you are weak at this !!


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