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If you looking for a bright, satisfying, and rewarding career then Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the right option to choose. Many prestigious MBA colleges in India have come up with business programs for their student to pursue every year. Among several colleges ISB is the most acclaimed business school all over India. To give yourself an extra edge, there are a few parameters that you must follow for ISB admissions.

 Academic Background

The post graduate program at ISB is rigorous. The one-year program makes it even more challenging. However, ISB does not restrict candidates by “cut off” criteria. ISB also assess analytical ability based on the GMAT score. But, a good GMAT score will definitely help you. As mentioned above, ISB does not have a cut off for the GMAT. An average score can be compensated by achievements in other areas.


ISB welcomes diversity in all forms like educational background, work experience, and nationality among others. ISB values the quality of work experience you have gained against the number of years you have worked in this sector.

Leadership Potential

If you have consistently demonstrated an ability to take up initiatives in your work or academic life, then you must apply to ISB. During the ISB admissions, this will be assessed through recommendations you provide in the application. You must include your recent references from the current workplace, preferably from the direct supervisor. Though many of you may not have a chance to demonstrate leadership skills, your initiatives in personal life or at work will help the Admissions Committee assess your ability.

With the advancement of technology at the forefront of school and work, enrolling for GMAT tutorials has become a popular method of studying. This way you can review and do your studying. You need not to be confined in a single space and you will get the knowledge you need. This works well when you need to go from one place to another because of other responsibilities.

If you register for GMAT, with the registration you can even get free GMAT tutorials that presents questions exactly as you would see when you will be taking the exam. These tutorials will help you to familiarize on how to take a computer-adaptive test (CAT).

There are also other ways to prepare for GMAT. You can also view GMAT video tutorials at any time. You only need to know where to look, and must have the hunger for knowledge so that you can pass the examinations and move forward with your goals.


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