Be Your Charming Self During The MBA Personal Interview

The key to cracking a MBA personal interview is to be yourself!  After all that is what the admission committee wants to know – ‘about you’. Panelists ask a variety of questions that may range from specific  academic issues to generic  topics. The idea of course is to size you up.

A successful interaction depends on:

  • The first impression you make on the interview panel
  • Your confidence and ability to charm
  • Academic  and general  knowledge
  • Your ability to say the right thing at the right time
  • Your ability to intuitively understand when to speak or to be quiet

 These are just a few general tips. There are no straight-jacketed ways to crack an interview. Every individual is different. The MBA interview preparation process is an exercise in guiding candidates to bring out the best in themselves.

 The fact of the matter is that a few thousand candidates qualify for interviews to MBA courses in B-schools across the country. The stakes are more than just high. The cut-throat competition makes it difficult for candidates to stand out and get the admission panel to notice them.

 The challenge is to be original and avoid certain basic ‘don’ts’

 Make sure you reach the venue and report for the meeting on time. Being late reflects negatively on you as an individual. After all a successful manager is expected to manage his time so he can channelize his abilities towards positive and productive activities.

 Be prepared with your own set of questions for the interviewing panel. They look forward to interesting interactive sessions. Your discussion must reflect your research and diverse know-how; though you must ensure that you do not unnecessarily force topics into your discussion. Go with the flow. Display your ability to think out of the box; ready wit and gift of the gab.

 Be creative while answering questions. Avoid run of the mill replies. The idea is to distinguish yourself from the hoard of other candidates appearing for the coveted B- school seats.

 Try to be to the point when addressed with specific questions instead of getting carried away and going off on a completely tangential direction. That somehow indicates a lack of control over your thought process and ability to perceive verbal communication.

 To conclude, prepare extensively for your MBA interview but at the same time be your individual self.


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