What You Need To Know About ISB Application Form

Having a career of your dream and that too with a degree from an esteemed institution like ISB is certainly a difficult venture. But, once you get through it, a rewarding career will no longer be your dream; instead it will be within your reach. This is why, a lot of MBA aspirants head to the reputed institutions that could offer them the golden ticket to a life, free from the hassles of career struggle. For an MBA aspirant, looking for an admission in Indian School of business (ISB) should be careful in many different ways. Keep in mind that ISB application essays are the most crucial as well as trickiest part. A little mistake, no matter how negligible it is, may end up disqualifying your application form.

If you are planning to be an ISB qualified MBA graduate, you must start preparation from months before. And, it starts right from the ISB application form. As mentioned earlier, the application process is a bit complicated and hence special care should be given. Application forms are available in the online portal and the program office accepts nothing but the online application only. No printouts or hard copy of the application form is entertained. In addition to the online form, several other documents are also required to be uploaded. In case, any document is found missing, your ISB application will be disqualified right away. Here’s a detailed list of what is required. You can take a note.

  1. Colour photograph
  2. Photocopy of Passport
  3. Academic records (marksheets/ transcripts of Bachelor’s degree marks)
  4. Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
  5. Certificates and mark sheets of any additional qualification, vocational training and the like
  6. Detailed proof of your yearly income (if you are employed)
  7. Business card
  8. GMAT, TOEFL / IELTS scores and certificates
  9. Reference letter or evaluation of your performance, by your previous employers. However, make sure that you are following the prescribed format in the online application portal.

Broadly speaking, these are the things, an applicant will require if he wants to apply for the MBA program in ISB. But before you approach further with your ISB application form, it’s important to know what exactly an employer’s support letter is and how different it is from evaluation.

Employer Support Letter

Basically, it’s nothing but, a support or a letter of consent from the employer stating that he allows the candidate to take part in the MBA programme with the institution. Many a times, the employer sponsors the entire study programme. If your education is also sponsored by your employer, you need to furnish a “support letter, which will be clearly stating the nature and extent of sponsorship. It will be easier for the ISB authority, to gauge whether the candidate is able enough to carry out his studies in the institution.


It is mandatory to submit two professional evaluations along with your ISB application form. Applicants are recommended to opt for an online evaluation according to the format prescribed in the online form. In case, you are employed, evaluation of your performance can be requested from your current employer or from the manager, who is in charge of supervising your work.

Last, but not the least, online form is one of the most crucial part of the ISB application process. Any discrepancy including misplaced or lost documents can land you up in troubles. Chances are you may lose your candidature with ISB in such situations.


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