How Far Does ISB Essay Determine a Candidate’s Selection?

Having an MBA degree and that too from a reputed institution like Indian School of Business or ISB is certainly prestigious, and it opens up quite a number of avenues for your career growth. But, have you ever considered what it does take to bag such a prestigious degree? It’s lot more than just getting exceptionally good grades in GMAT. Getting through the interview of ISB is difficult and the process starts from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, ISB application is not just about filling up the online application form; a lot more is there to take into account. Remember, the efficacy of your online application form, to a great extent determines whether you are going to get an interview call from this premier institution.

Various MBA programs are available with the Indian School of Business. While many of them are the general ones, the rest are more focused. Depending on the career growth you want, you can choose the programs. But, irrespective of the programs you choose, the admission process is going to be a rigorous one.

As far as the interview process is concerned, ISB essay plays a pivotal role in determining your success. According to the Selection Panel at ISB, the essays are skillfully designed to get a fair idea about the career vision of the students. Hence, you just cannot write that MBA is the next best thing to do after you graduated because it can give you a career lift. Unless you can place an overall future plan with it, you are going to be disqualified. Considering from all these perspective, it’s pretty clear that writing an essay plays an important role during your interview process. Resorting to the ISB essay tips can however, give them a fair idea about the same.

As the veterans say, these essays are the platform to showcase the skills and qualities of a student. Needless to say, the students applying for two year tenured MBA program are all exceptional in terms of academic excellence and GMAT scores. And the essays offer a great platform to present yourself in such a way that can make you stand out from the lot. As far as ISB essay tips are concerned, it helps you to get the in-depth idea about how to tackle the essays without facing much hassle.

In order to get through the selection procedure at this premier institution, ISB essay tips come to the real help. As mentioned earlier, essays are a great method to delve into a student’s leadership skills, ability to tackle unforeseen situations and the tenacity to survive in an extremely competitive business world. Hence, the topics are also framed in such a way. Here are some of the commonly asked ISB essays.

  • Describe three circumstances (professional or personal) that involve your significant participation. Why you consider them important?
  • Tell us about a situation when you failed at something. How does it impact your life?
  • Provide an objective analysis of your personality. Explain your strength and weaknesses in brief.
  • If you are not selected in the ISB interview, what options will you prefer to choose for your career growth
  • What is your professional goal and does a business degree can do any help?

 Following these questions can give you a fair idea about what kind of questions you are going to face in the interview session of the premier B-schools across the world.


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