ISB Interviews- The Gateway to a Rewarding Career

The financial crunch which have been affecting the economy since the past few years had its dire effect on every sectors. Not only has it changed the way a business operates, but also has influenced the education scenario in a significantly diverse manner. Holding a professional degree is no more a ticket to a rewarding career, because recruiters are looking for the one who can outshine the “exceptional” set of applicants. Quite obviously higher education like MBA and that too from the internationally acclaimed colleges have become a compulsion.

Top B-schools like Indian Business School or ISB have their own set of norms and admission nitty-gritty, which are really tough to get through. But that does not make it an impossible venture although. Experts believe that getting successfully through the ISB interview gives you an edge, which in the long run can help you excel in the competitive professional field.

Lately, the business market is completely focused on the explicit and industry-oriented managerial skills, which are taught at the Top Business Schools. Hence, the course curriculum as well as the ISB interview pattern is framed in such a manner, so that they reflect a perfect blend of academics as well as the challenges faced in the real business world. Being chosen for the prestigious two year tenured MBA program in ISB is certainly a great feeling but, for that a candidate should be backed by a good GMAT scores, excellent academic track record, and professional experience as an added advantage.

However, the GMAT scores and academic track record is not everything. Since, the business market is extremely volatile, a candidate should have the tenacity to tackle all the hardships, he might need to face in the present business environment. This is how he will create his own niche in this market. Hence, during the interview session the students are meticulously scrutinized, whether they are able to put up with such challenges. ISB essays play a significant part in determining this. There have been instances, where an ISB aspirant has been asked to write essays (or prepare video essays) on different topics. According to the ISB scholars, essays provide an innovative way to screen candidates. Perfectly framed ISB essays are aimed at determining the candidate’s level of confidence, problem solving skills and the approach to address any problem.

The interview process helps in the neat qualitative analysis of an individual. If you are an MBA aspirant and desire to have a degree from the esteemed institutions like ISB, you must do your homework from months before. ISB essay tips can be of real help in this regard. According to the veterans, essays are nothing but a “freedom of expression” given to the candidates, which in turn help the interviewers to find the right candidate from the lot. Since, the educational scenario is increasingly becoming competitive and every second individual is holding a prestigious degree and competence, it’s really difficult to spot the one with real exceptional talent. The ISB essays are nothing but a great yet hassle free way to find the one.


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