IMD Interview Process

IMD follows one of a kind interview process. The usual interview day @ IMD will be divided into 5 parts, they are –

Part 1 – Personal Interview: First part of IMD interview process generally would be personal interview by the admissions committee members. This is similar to other b-school interviews.

Part 2 – Impromptu Presentation: After the personal interview admission committee gives all candidates a topic to give presentation on for about 5 minutes. We can say this as unplanned presentation round. To ace this round you need to be good in current affairs, global economic issues, politics, general awareness topics.

Part 3 – Lunch with IMD alumni: Immediately after the presentation IMD provides the opportunity to interact with the alumnus of IMD. During this process IMD alumni try to understand how an applicant will fit in with the culture of the school and then they report their findings to the admission Committee.

Part 4 – Case Study round: IMD Admission Committee provides the topic of case study 2 weeks prior to all the shortlisted candidates and during the case study discussion IMD faculty would be present, they generally observe and moderate the case discussion. From this round IMD looks for skills like case analysis, teamwork, leadership and presentations skills of the candidate.

Part 5 – MBA Class Observation: At the end all candidates will get the chance to sit in the current MBA class and observe the IMD MBA Class being delivered by the prominent professors. Most applicants just observe and don’t participate in class.

For more details on IMD Interview tips, interview experiences visit IMD Interview Preparation.


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