Integrated Reasoning for GMAT

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is the most popular and widely recognized MBA admission test. GMAT is computer based assessment test, most of the top global b-schools use GMAT test as a criterion for MBA admission. The need for professional GMAT coaching has increased and people are looking for GMAT preparation classes, also recently the online GMAT preparation is becoming more popular in India.
In current GMAT, the new section – Integrated Reasoning has been introduced. This section of the GMAT exam consists of 12 questions which includes four question types like Graphical interpretation, two part analysis, Table analysis and finally multi – source reasoning questions.
What skill does Integrated Reasoning section measures?
Integrated Reasoning section measures the following skillsets from prospective GMAT applicant -
  1. Arrange information displayed in graphics, text, and numbers
  2. Assessing relevant information from different sources
  3. Arranging information to see associations and to solve various, connected problems
  4. Blending and adjusting information to solve complicated problems that depend on information and facts from one or more sources.
General Education, the pioneers in MBA application assistance conduct online GMAT preparation course to help working professionals who are preparing for GMAT. The GMAT coaching is completely online, the online GMAT classes are conducted over Cisco WebEx meeting software. The GMAT classes are scheduled only on weekends; this implies full GMAT test preparation demands around 8-12 weeks.
General Education will provide all the GMAT study material, which will equip the class participants for GMAT preparation and professional GMAT instructors also provide GMAT tips and test taking techniques to score 700+
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