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Indian school of Business (ISB) is one of the top global Business School in India with campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali. It is ranked 20th in the latest FT Global MBA ranking. It provides a number of professional courses among which ISB PGP is one of the flagship executive programs. For the programs commencing from 2013 onwards the ISB PGP (Post Graduate Program) will be conducted in two locations across India, i.e. in Hyderabad and Mohali. Online applications for PGP 2013 have started and ISB has a total intake of 770 applications, Hyderabad- 560 and Mohali- 210.

The ISB application for the class of 2014 has opened. This year the ISB adcom has asked for a 90 sec video apart from the three required essay questions.

General Education has team of expert consultants who has helped several candidates successfully in getting admits in ISB. For ISB application service, General Education has several ISB alumni working as consultants with them. These ISB consultants have been either part of the adcom or part of the ISB interview panel and therefore provide important insight into what ISB is looking for in a candidate. This insight helps  clients in writing their essays and brining out best out of their profile in their ISB application.

The consultant starts with discussion about the profile of the client starting from his academics, his work experience till date to his hobbies/ interests. Then General Education ISB consultants discusses each question with the client and gives outline for each essay as per the client’s profile and ISB’s requirement. Then the client writes the draft of the essays based on the consultant’s inputs and sends it to him for the review. The consultant reviews it multiple times till the consultant and the client is happy with the final version which can be sent to the ISB admissions committee.

Similarly the 90 sec video which the ISB adcom has introduced in this year’s application process will be reviewed. General Education has already helped ISB YLP candidates for their video presentations, you can this out here ISB YLP application process. Similarly, the video for the ISB application will be reviewed multiple times before finalizing. n the last few years the no. of General Education clients who have received admission offer from ISB has increased. The testimonials of few of them are proof of the quality of the services provided by General Education in testimonial section.

General Education conducts workshops for aspiring MBA candidates in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi,  where topics like right choice of B-schools, components of application, examples of good and bad essays etc are covered. The ISB also have a small Q & A session in that workshop. The workshop attendees get to interact with alumni of top B-Schools.

So if you want to be part of this year’s list of successful candidates, get in touch with the team of General Education and get your profile evaluated by the expert team of consultants who are MBA from top global B-Schools.


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